Backgrounds – Learning the hard way, and new ideas

I recently tried different backgrounds in pixel art. I found some software to procedurally generate tilesets, so I gave it a try.

Personally I love pixel art and the whole retro look, but I decided it didn’t really fit with the style we ultimately want to end up at.

Another idea was to be more image based. It would be super spiffy to have images in the backgrounds of the places you’re in. The two big challenges with this would be procuring enough, and presenting them in a tasteful way. Just to see what it might look like I put together a couple mockups in Figma.

My big concern is that the content must obscure most of it to maintain legibility. This could be an advantage as I don’t want the images to take focus, but it gives them very little impact.

The content container box thingers are another question altogether. They aren’t pretty in the mockups, but they just need to be simple containers for text. I’m fighting my instinct to obsess over the details of it, since I feel other things need to take priority. (In particular adding content)

For now I am going to crudely copy some interesting ideas I picked up from a friend who was doing interfaces for E3. I’m keeping things simple and basic and hoping it doesn’t look too tacky. Definitely going to revisit later!

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